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Forced Order
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What's the pre-evolution to Duosion?
Name a Pokémon that uses the Fire Stone to evolve?
Which Pokémon has the highest base stats? (Non-Mega)
Which move attracts hordes of Pokémon?
What's Darkrai's Signiture Move?
Name a common Hazard Move?
What's Lugia's hidden ability?
Which 2 Pokémon can't breed with their other gender counterparts?
Which Pokémon has the ability Multitype?
What's Ho-Oh's hidden ability?
What's Arceus' Signiture Move?
Which Pokémon controls dimensions?
Which Pokémon has the ability Forecast?
After the opponent hits you with a move, a random Pokémon replaces it. What item causes this?
Name the Dark/Flying type legendary?
What's the proper name for the things that effect your Pokémon long term during a battle? (Eg: Poison, Burn, Paralysis etc etc)
What move type is Body Slam?
Which Pokémon has the Ability Wonder Guard?
Name an ability that causes the effects of a Rain Dance?
Which Berry can heal all Status Conditions?
What's Shaymin's Signiture Move?
What type is week to Poison & Steel?
Which Pokémon has the highest base stats? (Including Megas)
Who rules the Regi-trio?
What level does Charmeleon evolve?
What's the Base Power of the move Brave Bird?
What does Espeon evolve from?
Which Pokémon can breed with almost every other Pokémon?
Which move usually pairs with Spit Up & Swollow?
What's the base power of Psychic?
What colour is Psyduck?
What typing is Snorlax?
What's Palkia's Signiture Move?
Which legendary can breed?
A very rare Berry can heal a Pokémon to full health after hit with any Supereffective move. What berry is this?
What type is the move Giga Drain?
How much HP (%) does Roost recover?
Name a Pokémon which has the ability Illusion?
What's Hoopa's Signiture Move?
Which Pokémon controls time?
Which move, makes the user pick a random move?
Which Pokémon has the ability Mummy?
What's the ability that Drifblim, Stunky and Garbador have in common?
Which Pokémon controls space?
What's the Ancestor Pokémon?
Name the Ice Move that always performs as a critical hit?
Name the move that can sharply raise a RANDOM stat?
Name the Pokémon with the ability Zen Mode?
Which move drastically raises defence?
What are Venusaurs typings?

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