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Funded Christopher Columbus
Spanish for 'the saviour'
Tiny Himalayan state
Host of 2009 global climate conference
The erstwhile finish of the Paris-Dakar rally
Soweto is a notable settlement here
Alexander the Great originated here
Home country of rugby star Brian Lima
Three other countries contain its name in theirs
The world famous Sandy Lane hotel is found here
Easternmost French-speaking African country
Timbuktu is located here
The newest state of all
Kim Il-Sung is Eternal President, despite being dead
Ruled by the Al-Khalifa family
Omar Bongo was president for 42 years until his death in 2009
President is Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow
Wartorn state on the horn of Africa
The capital is named after Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza
Formerly known as Ceylon
Hugo Chavez is the socialist leader here
Large African island, famous for its unique wildlife
Baffin Island is part of this country
The smallest non-European country in area
Had the largest empire in history
Holland is a constituent part
Hit by a devastating cyclone in 2008
Smallest country by area in Central Asia
Only European country to border Russia to the west
Invaded by the US in 1983
Former Dutch colony on mainland South America
A genocide here in 1994 cost a million lives
Its capital is Ouagadougou
This is (was, some of it) Sparta
IKEA furniture is from here
Flanders is a constituent part
The only Central American country to border four others
Kim chi (food) is popular here
Borders both Libya and Cameroon
Alpine principality
Smallest of the Benelux countries
Four-letter south east Asian state
A republic in central Africa (yes, that one)
Winter Olympic host 1984, before independence
World's largest cricket-playing nation
Namesake of onetime Chicago Bulls #23
A man, a plan, a canal...
Established by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819
A war here in the 1960s and 1970s cost over 2 million lives
Where to go if you're pining for the fjords
Land of the Rising Sun
Former British territory in Central America
The Gurkha fighting force originates here
Machu Picchu, lost Incan city, was discovered here
Gained independence from the US in 1986
Comprised of 17,508 islands
Saint Thomas, translated, Portuguese islands
Its flag includes a cedar tree
Island powered by geothermic energy
Once known as Portuguese East Africa
Home of Barack Obama's paternal ancestors
Cities include Port Harcourt, Calabar and Benin City
Scene of 2003 invasion by US and allies
100m champion Usain Bolt was born here
Capital is Port Vila
Named after a very wise Biblical king
Most Formula 1 world champions per capita
Indian Ocean island archipelago, northeast of Madagascar
The bulk of this Eurasian country is known as Anatolia
The westernmost Saharan country
Belligerent in the Cold War, opposed to the USSR
Hard to spell
Sometimes referred to as Chinese Taipei
Prince Albert is head of state in this tiny European nation
Renault cars are from here
Known as Nyasaland under colonial rule
Football stars Samuel Eto'o and Roger Milla hail from here
Westernmost former Yugoslav state, by land borders
One letter short of a noted NFL quarterback
Flag is a yellow disc on a blue background
Hitler and Napoleon were foolish enough to invade
First of the Baltic states to qualify for a major football tournament
Borders the UK
Formerly part of Ethiopia
Cuts down more trees per year than any other country
Scene of the iconic 1943 film starring Ingrid Begman and Humphrey Bogart
Home country of Astana cycling team
Suffered an horrendous earthquake in 2010
Dubai and Sharjah are among its constituent parts
Locked between Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran
Known as Southern Rhodesia under colonial rule
The only country in South America to have hosted Test cricket
Formerly adjoined to Serbia
The exclave of Cabinda is part of this African state
Borders Costa Rica to the south
A 2009 coup saw Manuel Zelaya lose power here
Sandwiched between Ukraine and Romania
Idi Amin and Milton Obote have ruled here
Known as the Gold Coast in the colonial era
Birthplace of Mozart
Island chain located between Madagascar and East Africa
Includes the island of Phuket
The only country whose flag has four horizontal stripes only
Disputed by Greece and Turkey
A popular tourist destination here is Dubrovnik
Known in its own language as Magyarország
Tashkent is capital
Contains the port of Aden
Led by King Mswati III
The Federated States of...
Formerly known as East Pakistan
Smallest in the world
Banking, chocolate, cuckoo clocks, neutrality (most stereotypes per capita)
Formerly known as Dahomey
Bordered by Guinea and Liberia
Home of footballer Emmanuel Adebayor
Birkirkara is the largest city
Gained independence from South Africa in 1990
Pyrenean principality
The Petronas Towers, here, were briefly the world's tallest buildings
Vesuvius and Etna could and do erupt here
Had the heaviest king on record
Largest city is Quezon City
Home of football star Didier Drogba
Long, thin, Andean country
Formerly known as the Gilbert Islands
Capital here is Bratislava
Minsk is the capital
Nicknamed 'Land of the Long White Cloud'
South-eastern corner of the Arabian peninsula
Indian Ocean islands including the most common first three letters among countries
Administers Hong Kong and Macau
Not Conakry, but...
Home of cricket star Vivian Richards
Home of the ancient civilisation of Nubia
The westernmost Slavic state
One of its citizens was convicted for the Lockerbie bombing
The head of state here was for a time the world's richest man
Located between Martinique and Guadeloupe
Assailants of the Alamo
Smallest country to produce a Masters-winning golfer
Green Cape, in Portuguese
Homeland of Genghis Khan
Scene of 2001 invasion by US and allies
Mainland Europe's westernmost
The larger of the two landlocked countries in the Americas
This Saharan country scores lowest of all on the Human Development Index
Formerly known as Kampuchea
The smaller of the two landlocked countries in the Americas
Invaded by Russia in 2008
Linked with Rwanda under colonial rule
Homeland of Franz Ferdinand assassin
Home of baseball's Albert Pujols
Owners of the Galapagos Islands
Tswana and English are its official languages
Juan Perón, Leopoldo Galtieri and Carlos Menem are all former leaders
First ever hosts and champions of the football World Cup
Sfax is a major city here
Smallest by area in mainland Africa
Most populous former Soviet state, excluding Russia
Home of cricket star Brian Lara
More languages than any other country
Footballer George Weah ran for president here
Its flag includes three green diamonds
Ceausescu ruled as a dictator here
Once had a King Zog
Its capital is the only one beginning with I
'Rich Coast' in its native language
South American country that borders Central America
Home of baseball's Rafael Palmeiro
Caspian Sea state, scene of some action in Bond film 'The World is not Enough'
Annexed by Iraq in 1991
Only country beginning with Q
African state famous for its copper industry
The nearest Caribbean nation to the US mainland
Funafuti is the capital
Borders more countries than any other in Africa
Formerly part of Indonesia; independent in 2002
Gamal Abdel Nasser ruled here from the 1950s to 1970
Africa's only Spanish-speaking country
Totally surrounded by South Africa
Home of track star Kim Collins
Dominates the interior of the Arabian peninsula
Writer Albert Camus was born here
Reunified when the wall came down
Capital is the Queen of Spain
Jewish homeland
The island of Zanzibar is part of this country
Co-host with Ukraine of Euro 2012 football championship
Northernmost Baltic state
Home of the digeridoo
Home of poet Derek Walcott
Formerly known as Persia
The only African country never colonised by Europeans
St Paul converted on the road to this country's capital

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