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Responsible for San Creek massacre
Died at battle of Little Bignorn
Had like fittyleven husbands and shot one because he poured water on her
Diverse group of outlaws who killed and robbed during one crazy summer
Robbed a lot of trains, fast talker but didn't like to kill
Had tuberculosis and loved the street sweeper.
Had a cool nickname and created a band named 'The regulators'
Killed someone for snoring too loud, killed over 44 people, wore guns high up
Rode around on a bike in San Francisco
died with the 'dead-man's hand' -aces and eights. considered the fastest gunman of all time
Tried to rob 2 banks at once in the broad daylight and killed 3 U.S Marshals
1 of the most famous outlaws who was in the Confederate Army and therefore hidden by sympathetic southerners. Killed while adjusting a crooked picture on the wall.
was the first person to dicover gold in his mill
Slave brought by Lewis and Clark
President who ordered the Lewis and Clark expedition
The most famous man of the Mormon's
They ate each other trying to find a shorcut to California
Very hard workers, originally came to the U.S for railroads but turned to gold mining. Major contributing factor to railroads
Helped map much of the southern portion of the Louisianna Purchase. Has _____ 's Peak named after him.
portrayed as a famous mountain man with a hefty beard

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