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Sauk warrior. Fought in the war of 1812 hoping to stop the American westward expansion
Burned people alive, dragged people behind horses and cut off limbs. An apache. Family and friends were hung.
From the Nez Perce tribe, he had 30 days to leave the United States and fled to Canada. 'I will fight no more forever'
Shoshone woman who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their expedition
His whole family was killed. His name was given by Mexican soilders
Shawnee Indian with the nickname 'shooting star'. Allied with the british in the War of 1812. Died in the battle of Thames in 1812
Had a vision about Little Big Horn
Mentor to Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. The white people often called the wars his wars. He was a Lakota Sioux.
Likes to sing about the colors of the wind.
He was a warrior for Oglala Sioux. Worked with Sitting Bull and was there to defeat Custer at Little Big Horn. Was stabbed to death for leaving his reservation

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