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The forced movement of Native Americans to the west after the Indian Removal Act of 1830
The annexation of the Republic of Texas to the United States. Lead to the Mexican War
The hurry to move out west in the California area in order to get rich.
The journey to find a land route the Pacific, find our information about the indigineous inhabitants, and to strengthen American claims to Oregon territory
A.k.a the Chivington massacre. Massive slaughter at a village where women and children were mutilated and killed with the men.
Custer's Last Stand. Custer along with all of his men died. Sitting Bull had a vision about this battle before it happened
Agreement between the US, Lakota Nation, Sioux, and Arapaho. A treaty that ended Red Cloud's War.
1881 in Tombstone. Regarded as the most famous gunfight in the Old West.
After a 13 day seige under Santa Anna, it was a battle launched on a chapel near San Antonio.
When Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and parts of Massachusetts were PURCHASED (hint)

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