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was abandoned by his father
was 'the angel of death'
owner of clothes over bros
killed his brother
dated skills in season 5
haley and nathan's son's name
lucas' mother
kidnaps jamie
notebooked skills
the shooter at the school
went to honey brook with rachel
is in a wheelchair for back injury
hot bartender brooke dates
Nathan's manager
Was on tour with Haley
Peyton's record label
was addicted to pain killers
Nathan lost his virginity to
Clay loves
Mouth's highschool girlfriend
Lost his virginity to Brooke
Brooke fosters
nathan gives his to haley at a tutoring session
what did dan hide in the ceiling
Julian's occupation
Raven's Basketball player who was shot
Nathan's Jersey number
karen and deb's night club
peyton's baby
peyton's famous saying
owned a car garage
when was the last time Psycho Derek attacked peyton
nathan always makes fun f Haley's....
Lucas proposes with whose ring?
takes lessons to fly a plane
First person lucas proposes to
Bevin Married
Karen's child
this band made several appearances
Burnt down Dan's dealership
Famous author
Clothing Designer
Lucas often called Brooke this
who has matching tattoos
what drink did chase make at the bar
who recorded one of haley's songs
what was brooke for Halloween
river court duo
what color were nathan's custom sneakers
who sang the original title song

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