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Forced Order
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Area of Body DrainedLymph Node Cluster
Body of uterus/cervix/superior bladder
Drains everything else into junction of L subclavian and internal jugular veins
Lower duodenum, jejunum, ileum, colon to splenic flexure
Glans penis
Liver, stomach, spleen, pancreas, upper duodenum
Upper limb, breast, skin above umbilicus
Anal canal (below pectinate line), skin below umbilicus (except popliteal area), scrotum, vulva
Area of Body DrainedLymph Node Cluster
Colon from splenic flexure to upper rectum
Testes, ovaries, kidneys
Drains R side of body above diaphragm
Lower rectum to anal canal (above pectinate line), bladder, vagina (middle third), cervix, prostate, corpus cavernosum
Trachea and esophagus
Head & neck
Dorsolateral foot, posterior calf

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