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Forced Order
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Nerve: radial deviation of wrist upon flexion
Arm abduction: 15-100 degrees
Nerve: decreased anterior and lateral thigh sensation; d/t obesity, preg, tight clothes
Artery associated with tibial n, posterior to medial malleous
Arm abduction: 0-15 degrees
Nerve: winged scapula
Nerve: decreased anterior thigh sensation under inguinal ligament; absent cremasteric reflex
Which interossei muscles abduct the fingers?
RC muscle: medially rotates & adducts arm
Artery associated with axillary n @ surgical neck of humerus
Nerve: Foot drop
Nerve: 'Saturday Night Palsy'
RC muscle: adducts & laterally rotates arm
Which interossei muscles adduct the fingers?
Nerve: flattened deltoid?
Nerve: gluteus maximus; difficulty climbing stairs; d/t posterior hip dislocation
Nerve: fecal and urinary incontinence; d/t stretch injury during childbirth
Artery associated with tibial n @ popliteal fossa
Nerve: frax of 'funny bone' or hook of hamate from fall on outstretched hand
RC muscle: initial abduction of arm
Nerve: gluteus medius and minimus; Trendelenburg sign
Arm abduction: > 90 degrees
Nerve: decreased thigh flexion and leg extension; d/t pelvic frax
Artery associated with long thoracic n
Nerve: 'ape's hand' and 'pope's blessing'
Guyan canal (cyclist) syndrome nerve?
Nerve: burning or tingling pain in surg. incision site radiating to inguinal or suprapubic region
Artery associated with radial n @ midshaft humerus
Carpal tunnel syndrome nerve?
Nerve: cannot stand on tip toes or curl toes; loss of sensation on sole
RC muscle: laterally rotates arm; pitching injury
Nerve: loss of thenar muscle group, superficial laceration of palm
Arm abduction: >100 degrees
Nerve: decreased medial thigh sensation and adduction; adductor muscles
Nerve: wrist drop, decreased grip strength
Artery associated with median n @ cubital fossa

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