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QUIZ: Can you name the facts of Roman Slavery Part I?

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During whose time were most freeborn citizens soldiers or slave owners, if not of the poor class?
Which two great generals combined captured over a million slaves?
This came to mean 'to be sold into slavery'
Slaves that were good grammarians often came from ___.
Slaves that remained the property of their first master
This was a sign of imported slaves
Who led 60 000 Carthaginians into slavery?
He paid $28 000 for a highly skilled grammarian
Even a relatively poor man would have at least this many slaves
This was a sign of the sale of slaves under public authority
Private slaves employed in the personal service of their masters
Who thought it was not good to have a slave do more than one kind of work?
Permanent connections between male and female slaves
These slaves were often chosen to carry litters
Slaves that were good shepherds often came from ___ and ____.
A master's power of his slave
What particular disease did buyers try to avoid in a slave
The oldest and most important class of those slaves kept for profit
They supervised public auctions
Slaves that were ___ could bring in greater prices than if sold separately
Who only kept slaves born in his household?
Slaves imported from the East were marked by this
Public slaves were owned by ____
In whose camp were slaves sold for less than a dollar each?
During what time period were laws implemented to protect the few rights of a slave?
If a slave had defects not shown in his guarantee, the dealer had to either compensate the buyer or else take him back within this time
This slave prompted his master with the names of those greeting him
The influence of this religion improved the condition of slaves.
Slaves that were able house servants often came from ___.
Pollio ordered a slave to be thrown into a pond as fish food after he had broken this.
Cicero wrote kindly and frequently to this slave

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