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What song did Lillian and Annie listen to over 1000 times when Lillian first got her drivers liscence?
Where did Lillian send her measurments to?
What does Helen give Annie when she says she is starving?
What kind of food do the bridesmaids eat before the fitting?
What does Officer Rhodes claim to be lucky?
Who says 'I'm not joking'?
Where do they find Lillian?
What does Rhodes think is delicious that he would buy from Annies Bakery?
What does Rita want in her face?
Why does Annie laugh when Helen is crying?
What does Annies boss ask her to show him?
What does Brynn tattoo symbolize?
What is the colonial woman doing on the wing?
What type of appliance does Annie call the flight attendnt?
What two drinks does Rita order on the plane?
What does Annie think of Helen and Lillian going to Paris?
What does Megan say that is pushing Annie around?
Why does Annies mom say she isn't an alcoholic?
What does Brynn think Annies diary is?
What does Megan have in her leg and she can still do that?
What does Lillian give out at her Bridal Shower?
What movie does Annie cry to?
How much dids Brynn tattoo cost?
Who does Annie say she will bring to the Wedding instead of Ted?
Did Ted sleepover in Annies mouth?
What did Ted tell Annie that she needed?
What does Lillian say to show Annie her ring?
What does Megan say the Dolphin told her telapathetically?
What does Megan tell the Air Marshall to get for when she is back from the bathroom?
What does the nervous woman on the plane say she had a dream about?
What are they handing out in Helens driveway before the Bridal Shower?
What does Megan ask the Air Marshall?
What do Lillian and Annie pretend they are doing in the park?
What does Annie tell the vallet he needs to do to get her car started?
What does Rhodes want Annie to get fixed?
What number is Annie to Ted?
What do Brynn and Gil invite Annie to do?
What does Megan tell Annie to wash?
What happens when Annie yells at the customer?
What does Rita wish she could do without her husband entering her?

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