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Professor Slughorn's Favorite Treat
These candies come with a 'Famous Witches and Wizards' trading card inside
Harry's favorite desert
Dumbledore's jam preference
A rather revolting specialty of Hagrid's
Dumbledore's favorite candy
A sweet, slightly alcoholic drink served in the Three Broomsticks
A wizard's version of Pixie Stix
An alcoholic beverage that causes a burning sensation in the throat; they drink it after Mad-Eye's death
The flavor of juice most commonly drunk at Hogwarts
Mrs. Weasley's specialty
One of Harry's favorite meals at Hogwarts
A sweet pastry sold on the Hogwarts Express
This amusing candy has flavors that can range from delightful (ice cream sundae) to disturbing (vomit)
Harry used to get free ice cream here
A small licorice candy sold on the Hogwart's Express Trolley/Cart
Dumbledore's favorite lollipop, once the password to his study

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