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Do you know about the Montgomery bus boycott and the movement spreading?

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Who was the leader of the NAACP?
Who along with E.D. Nixon suggested a bus boycott?
What Ph.D. degree did Martin Luther King Jr. recieve from Boston University?
What does SCLC stand for?
What does SNCC stand for?
Who was the first leader of SCLC?
At what university did the Baker help form the national protest group or the SNCC?
What religion was Martin Luther King Jr?
In what year was the SCLC formed?
Did the mayor deny or accept Jo Ann Robinson's request for colored people to not have to give up their seats in the colored section?
What does CORE stand for?
What was it called when people would refuse to leave an establishment until they were served?
Who was know to say: “Well, I’m not sure I’m the best person for this position, but if no one else is going to serve, I’d be glad to try.”

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