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The Shard, One Canada Square, The Leadenhall Building306 m (1004 ft.)
Willis (or Sears) Tower, John Hancock Center, Aon Center442 m (1450 ft.)
One World Trade Centre, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building541 m (1775 ft.)
Abeno Harukas, Rinku Gate Tower, The Kitahama300 m (984 ft.)
The Imperial II, Kohinoor Square, Ashok Towers256 m (840 ft.)
KK100, Shun Hing Square, SEG Plaza442 m (1449 ft.)
Eureka Tower, 120 Collins Street, Bourke Place297 m (975 ft.)
Hotel de las Artes, Torre Mapfre, Torre Agbar154 m (505 ft.)
Burj Khalifa, Princess Tower, 23 Marina828 m (2717 ft.)
Petronas Towers, Menara Telekom, Vista Tower452 m (1483 ft.)
International Commerce Centre, Nina Tower, Central Tower484 m (1588 ft.)
U.S Bank Tower, 777 Tower, Bank of America Center310 m (1018 ft.)
First Bank Tower, Scotia Plaza, Aura298 m (978 ft.)
Mercury City Tower, Eurasia Tower, Naberezhnaya Tower C339 m (1112 ft.)
Zifeng Tower, New Century Plaza Tower A, Xinjiekou Department Store Phase 2450 m (1476 ft.)

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