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AWhich Swedish King died during a cavalry charge in 1632 at the battle of Lützen?
BWhat period of fine art called started in Italy around 1600, spanned painting, music, and architecture, and was well known for its grandiosity and exaggeration?
CWhich city in South Africa was founded by the Dutch East India Company in 1652?
DIn which city did the Synod of Dutch Reformed Church held in order to end the Arminian Controversy?
EWho was the last Tudor monarch of England, dying in 1603?
FWhat was the major innovation in firearms, first invented in 1610, which largely replaced wheellock and matchlock weapons?
GWhat was the overthrow of Catholic James II in favor of Protestant William and Mary popularly know as?
HWhich Shakespearean tragedy about a Danish prince was first performed in 1602?
IWhich Native American group fought against the French in a series of wars, colloquially known as the Beaver Wars, for dominance over the fur trade?
JWhich corps of Ottoman soldiers, originally comprised of slaves, imprisoned and executed Sultan Osman II?
KWhich astronomer discovered the elliptical nature of the orbits of celestial bodies?
LWhich German polymath and philosopher developed calculus independent of Isaac Newton?
MWhat was the stage name of the comedic French playwright, whose works included The Misanthrope and Tartuffe?
NWhich physicist laid the foundations of classical mechanics?
OWhich Japanese port city was the location of the final battle of the Japanese wars of unification, and later became a booming center of commerce?
PWhat was the name of the series of treaties which brought an end to both the Thirty Years War and the Eighty Years War?
QWhich dynasty, originally hailing from Manchuria, became the ruling emperors of China in 1644?
RWho was the chief minister of Louis XIIi from 1624 to his death in 1642?
SWho was the Mughal Emperor who erected the Taj Mahal in dedication to his deceased wife?
TWhich Japanese clan was appointed shogun 1603, after which the family would rule the country for over 200 years?
UIn what modern country did the Khmelnytsky Uprising occur?
VWhich château became the symbol of the absolutism of the French Monarchy?
WWho was the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, who once famously declared that Boston should be like 'a city upon a hill'?
XWhich Jesuit priest was canonized in 1622?
YWhich ethnic group, who currently inhabit Nigeria, greatly expanded the Oyo Kingdom throughout the century?
ZWhich Western European city declared itself a republic in 1648, formally breaking ties with the Holy Roman Empire?

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