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Well, someone's got to clean them up, my friends. Before the little harvest disappears into the mud. Someone's got to collect their odds and ends, when the gutters run with blood.
Let's face it, you worked so hard and now you're scarred, and free of any hope. I guess you should mope.
And it's cool and the ointment's sweet, for the fire in your head and feet. Close your eyes.
Acting is the hardest profession in the world, hard work! The hardest profession in the world...
Magic foot, take me to the final round! Magic foot, I barely lift it off the ground.
Then we got bigger, that was the trigger, like the Huns invading Rome. Welcome to my school, this ain't no high school: This is the Thunderdome.
He says, time for bed now child. Mom just smiles that smile. Just like she never saw me, just like she never saw me.
With a lust for saving water, man leaves daughter up for dead! Play it on your Stradivari, he's not sorry, not a shred!
Now, do it now! While he's gassing himself to a palpable stupor, the timing's ideal and the moment is super...
A girl who reads the classics and the sonnets, who needs no Folderol to fill her cup! A girl who's wise a bit beyond her bonnets.
I wanted magic shows and miracles, mirages to touch. I wanted such little things in life, I wanted so much.
Foolishness...he had this wife, ya see. Pretty little thing, silly little nit. Had her chance for the moon on a string... Poor thing!
From this day forward, nights don't seem so black, from this day forward we will never look back. In whatever time we have, we will make the most of time
We can build, a beautiful city. Not a city of angels, but finally a city of men.
I know you're thinking, what a crazy dingaling! But I really couldn't sing, I could never really sing, what I couldn't do was sing!

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