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Urban Dictionary definitionTeam
The laughing stock of Alberta
In 2007, they almost lost their beloved team, but their devoted fans rallied and quickly found a new owner
They started in 92, and are decent
A team that was on the verge of losing popularity and being flushed down the toilet because of struggles, but only to have that be saved by the Great One
There are some people who enjoy watching their team get swept, for everyone else, there's the Leafs
The most storied hockey team and quite possibly sports team in history
Great regular season team, but awful once they waste all their energy beating teams such as the Islanders and Panthers
Used to be the worst NHL franchise, but is now one of the best
For some reason professional franchises in the area have a difficult time setting a precedent for winning
Most boring NHL team, as they play the trap and only score when they can force a mistake by their opponent
The only consistently successful sports team in the state
Year after the, this team seems to be going nowhere, and while great and dedicated fans stay faithful, they always end up upset at the end of the season.
This is performed during the climax in intercourse
A fanbase that evidently has a high threshold for chronic mediocrity
The only professional sports team who's greatest accomplishments are almost winning a championship twice
Urban Dictionary definitionTeam
Their name comes from the Civil War history in the state and city
One of their many quirks is shouting [word] at the top of lungs whenever the word is used in the Star Spangled Banner at the beginning of the game
On most nights if it wasn't for the zamboni driver, ushers, peanut guy and the few hundred Canadians on vacation no one would know that there was a game being played
The first expansion team to win the Stanley Cup
They win 1 cup in how many years?
Team that has a record 24 straight playoff berths, but no cups
They are the first team in California to win the Stanley Cup and the first West Coast team to win it since the Victoria Cougars
They never make the playoffs and should be moved to Canada
NHL team that experienced an incredible amount of luck during its '06 playoff run
Model of how to NOT run a hockey franchise
Used to be a great NHL team with a great rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens. Now sucks so much that even Habs fans are starting to cut them some slack
I can't remember the last time they missed the playoffs
Loses players such as Pronger because said player can't control his hormones
Much like every other [city] sports team, every chance for a championship ends in bitter disappointment
A team that the survival of hockey as one of America's 'big four' sports depends upon

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