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HintCharacterExtra Hint
The world's greatest detectiveLoves Sweets
KiraThinks he is a god
Second KiraLoves Kira
Third KiraWants Shinigami Eyes
Fourth KiraProsecutor
Fifth KiraLoves Kira
Detective's True SucessorOtherwise known as N
Detective's True Sucessor's real nameLoves Toys
Detective's Second SucessorLoves Chocolate
Detective's Second Sucessor's real nameHates N
Kira's SpokesmanComes from Sakura TV
Kira's DadPolice Cheif
Kira's MomPolice Cheif's Wife
Kira's SisterGot Kinapped
Youngest Member of Japan Task ForceShot Kira
HintCharacterExtra Hint
Member of Japanese Task ForceContacted N
Member if the Japanese Task ForceDoesn't talk a lot
Member of Japanese Task ForceDoesn't like Detective's Method
Was Member of Japanese Task ForceDied in episode 11
Kira's ShinigamiLoves Apples
Second Kira's ShinigamiIs a girl
Shinigami that saved a lady's lifeVanished
Shinigami that lost his notebookLoves Chocolate
Professional Con-ManPlays Eraldo Coil
Cat burgalarDetective use her for breaking into people's homes
Detective's mentorQuillsh Wammy
Quillish Wammy's friendYounger then Quillish Yammy
SPK member who followed Fourth KiraGood Imatation
SPK member that N trusts mostNumber 2 of SPK
SPK member that is femaleFifth Kira Manager

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