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Can you name the wrong answers from the categories and from those form correct categories with 4 things (see comment)?

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Wrong 1
Glucose, Water, Oxocarbons, Carbon Dioxide 
Japan, China, Azerbaijan, Bolivia 
Annabel Lee, The Coliseum, The Raven, Lion 
Hurricanes, Twisters, Cyclones, Tornadoes 
Catherine Zeta-Jones, William Shakespeare, Saint David, Bradley Dredge 
Deja vu, Zygote, Hazel, Crazy 
Polo, Wolves, Livid, Japan 
Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Murray Ball, Dick Giordano  
Mario, Cyclops, Angel, Beast 
Wrong 2
Peru, Egypt, Suriname, Germany 
Crunch, Blink, Wind, Treasures 
Black Cats, Clovers, Rainbows, Horseshoe 
Springboks, Brumbies, Greater Kudu, Cape Buffalo 
Walk, Sooth, Cafe, Laugh 
Zebra, Ghost, Ax, Poland 
Don Henley, Steve Winwood, Thom Yorke, Michael Moore 
David Lange, Richard Nixon, Harold Wilson, Satō Eisaku 
Fat Cat, Purple, Crowns, Leadership  
Wrong 3
Halogens, Photons, Force, Valence Electron 
Rat, Giraffe, Pig, Ox 
Blanc, Eriksson, Capello, Winterbottom 
Central Perk, Monk's Cafe, Casino Royale, Empire State University  
Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Honduras 
Alan MacDiarmid, Robert A. Millikan, Ivar Giaever, Walther Bothe 
John Lackey, Sean Henn, Mike Cameron, Jon Lester 
Kraft dinner, Refrigerator, K-car, Fire  
Fabregas, Neville, Blues, Petrov 
Wrong 4
Dev Patel, Dileep Rao, Michelle Rodriguez, Joel Moore 
LaShawn Merritt, Tom Ashley, David Neville, Jeremy Wariner 
Vesta, Pompey, Diana, Minerva 
Pebble Beach, St Andrews, Turnberry Ailsa Course, Corfu Golf Club 
Jupiter, Earth, Saturn, Neptune 
Highlanders, Inception, Harry Brown, The Italian Job 
Breakfast, Lunch, Elevenses, Dessert 
Hippopotamus, Dared, Level, Bob  
Argentina, Qatar, Samoa, Togo 
Right Categories

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