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Can you name the countries by these hints for each letter (one guess only for each letter)?

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ASerzh Sargsyan is the President of this country
BDzongkha is the official language of this country
CThis country hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics
DQueen Margrethe II is the current reigning monarch of this country
EThis country is the smallest country in Central America, yet as the highest density of people
FThis country suffered a military coup in 2006, led by Frank Bainimarama
GThis country's economy was listed as 'The World's Fastest Growing Economy in 2011' by Economy Watch
HTegucigalpa is the capital of this country
IThis country is the fourth most populous country in the world
JAccording to the UN and the WHO, this country has the highest life expectancy
KThe flag of this country represents the mythical hero Manas
LThis country's flag is the only one with only one colour
MThis country hosts the Monte Carlo Rally
NThis country declared independence after the Eighty Years' War
OThis country spends the most on military (as a % of GDP)
POnly 18% of this country's population lives in urban areas
QThis country is hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup
RTransylvania is a region in this country
SThis country won the 2010 FIFA World Cup
TDar es Salaam is the largest city in this country
UThe flag of this country has a Grey Crowned Crane in it
VĐộc lập – Tự do – Hạnh phúc or Independence – Freedom – Happiness is the motto of this country
YThis nation hosted the 2010 Gulf Cup of Nations
ZThis country declared their independence on the closing ceremony of the 1964 Olympics

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