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Can you name the actors or actresses who have played the President of the United States in a movie?

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Air Force OnePresident James Marshall
2012President Thomas Wilson
IdiocracyPresident Joe Bauers
Head of StatePresident Mays Gilliam
Mafia!President Diane Steen
Mars Attacks!President James Dale
G.I. Joe: The Rise of CobraU.S. President
The ManPresident Douglass Dilman
Independence DayPresident Thomas J. Whitmore
Primary ColorsPresident Jack Stanton
First DaughterPresident Mackenzie
DavePresident Gary Nance
American DreamzPresident Staton
Fail-Safe/MeteorThe President
Spy Kids 3-D: Game OverPresident Devlin
Dr. StrangelovePresident Merkin Muffley
The ContenderPresident Jackson Evans
The SentinelPresident Ballentine
Deep ImpactPresident Tom Beck
Love ActuallyThe President

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