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Can you name the countries which have been provided with un-true facts?

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CountryTrue or False?Fact (?)
AfghanistanI am smaller than the state of Texas.
AzerbaijanI gained independence in 1987.
BoliviaI am a land-locked country.
CambodiaMy flag contains four different colours.
DenmarkI border three countries.
EgyptIn English, my national anthem translates to 'My Homeland, My Homeland, My Homeland'.
EthiopiaMy flag features a star.
FijiMy country contains 332 islands, of which approximately 110 are inhabited.
FinlandI border Germany.
FranceOver 90% of my population live in urban areas.
CountryTrue or False?Fact (?)
GermanyMy flag features three colours.
HondurasI only border one other country.
IndiaMy country is the world's most populated one.
JapanMy country's population has a life expectancy of over 80 years.
KenyaMy country has a coastline of over 500m.
KuwaitI am the smallest country in Asia.
KyrgyzstanMy capital is the city of Bishkek.
LaosMy country is east of Vietnam.
MaltaI am situated in Asia.
New ZealandMy country's Prime Minister is Helen Clark.
CountryTrue or False?Fact (?)
OmanI am the only country in the world to start with the letter 'O'.
Papua New GuineaThe median age of my country is 22 years.
QatarI border Saudi Arabia.
RussiaI am over twice the size of the United States.
SpainI have over 200 airports.
SudanI am not the largest country in Africa.
TanzaniaI do not border the Indian Ocean.
TurkeyMy country has a national holiday on the 29th of October.
United StatesI spend a higher % of my GDP on the military than any other country in the world.
ZimbabweI border Mozambique.

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