Planetary Profile: Mars

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Can you name the facts about the planet 'Mars'?

Updated Mar 5, 2013

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Greek name
A) Zeus B) Ares C) Odin D) Athena
A) Marsatian B) Marsish C) French D) Martian
Number from the sun
A) 1st B) 2nd C) 3rd D) 4th
Type of planet
A) Asteroidical B) Terrestrial C) Gaseous D) Lunar
Year of first flyby by a probe
A) 1964 B) 2012 C) 1975 D) 1952
Name of the latest rover
A) Phoenix B) Henry C) Curiosity D) Mariner
Approximate mass ratio compared to Earth
A) 1 B) .5 C) .1 D) .05
Number of naturally orbiting satellites
A) 4 B) 27 C) 1 D) 2
Largest crater
A) Hellas Basin B) Aniak Crater C) The Super Bowl D) Barringer Basin
Most abundant gas in the atmosphere
A) Carbon Dioxide B) Oxygen C) Nitrogen D) Chlorine

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