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Can you name the things everybody should know about New Zealand?

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New Zealand is in which hemisphere?
New Zealand is in which continent?
The two main islands are called ....
What is the indigenous name for New Zealand?
What does the indigenous name for New Zealand mean in the indigenous language?
The majority of New Zealanders (91.2%) speak which language?
What is a slang word for New Zealanders?
What was signed in 1840 which enabled the tribes to co-operate peacefully among each other?
Who is the current Prime Minister of New Zealand?
What party is the current Prime Minister from?
What is the capital of New Zealand?
What is the most populated city in New Zealand?
What is the parliamentary building called?
The New Zealand flag features how many stars?
Who was the famous New Zealand film director who directed the Lord of the Rings trilogy?
What is the typical New Zealand stereotype?
Apparently, these feature predominantly in New Zealand jokes...?
'Fish and Chips' can be pronounced... in a New Zealand accent
How many volcanoes are there in the city of Auckland alone?
What is the internet code for New Zealand?
Name the current All Black who generally plays Open-Side Flanker (Flanker)
94% of people in jail in New Zealand are....
Which country is directly opposite Auckland on the other side of the world? (HINT: it's in Europe! )
New Zealand's primary export is...
Christmas is during which season?
Which side of the road do New Zealanders drive on?
What is the cookbook which apparently has sold over 3 million copies in New Zealand alone?
Who are the famous duo who were 'Formerly New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo'?
New Zealand's currency is what?
Name the New Zealand national netball team
What is the most northern point in New Zealand?
What does Aroha mean?
What does Kia Ora mean?
What is the nickname for the city of Auckland?

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