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Can you name the countries that are currently leading these statistics?

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Most Populated Country1,330,141,295 people
Biggest oil exporter8,728,000 barrels per day
Largest Country17,098,242 sq km
Largest population growth rate3.66 % increase (in population)
Smallest life expectancy38.48 years
Country with the most external debt$13,980,000,000,000
Least internet users2,100 internet users
Most merchant marines6,379 merchant marines
Biggest spenders on military (% of GDP)11.40% of GDP
Fewest railways36 railways
Least public debt3.30% of GDP
Highest GDP per capita$ 145,300 GDP per capita
Smallest spenders on education0.6% of GDP
Smallest death rate2.08 deaths/1000 population

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