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Can you name the things that don't fit into these groups?

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The category is...
Samoa, Guam, India, South Sudan
Libya, Kenya, Holland, Oman
Poland, Uganda, Macau, Finland
Bermuda, Armenia, Yemen, Macedonia
Fiji, Niger, Turkey, Wales
Spain, Denmark, Curacao, Ghana
Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Aruba, Italy
Tibet, Rwanda, Eritrea, Germany
Latvia, Tahiti, Zambia, Qatar
Japan, Hungary, Haiti, Niue
The category is...
Riyadh, Miami, Luanda, Accra
Berlin, Brussels, Minsk, Nice
Mumbai, Tehran, Kiev, Taipei
Bern, Vilnius, Kinshasa, Cardiff
Guayaquil, Yaounde, Belgrade, Male
Juba, Belize City, Reykjavik, Suva
Baku, Koror, Freetown, Bujumbura
Malabo, Dodoma, Oslo, Vancouver
Algiers, Tirane, Valencia, San Jose
Moroni, Shanghai, Nicosia, Havana
The category is...
The Deer Hunter, Cimarron, Hamlet, Avatar
Marty, Rocky, Million Dollar Baby, The Godfather: Part III
Rain Man, Titanic, Crash, The Shawshank Redemption
Jaws, Gandhi, My Fair Lady, Tom Jones
Mrs. Miniver, Apollo 13, Chicago, Out of Africa
Platoon, Cavalcade, Ben-Hur, Good Will Hunting
West Side Story, Doctor Zhivago, Braveheart, Unforgiven
Chariots of Fire, Rebecca, Casablanca, Cleopatra
Gigi, Apocalypse Now, The Sting, The Hurt Locker
Kramer vs. Kramer, Wings, All About Eve, E.T.
The category is...
Madison, Fillmore, Brown, Polk
James. Obama, Bush, Carter
Clinton, Smith, Grant, Johnson
Jones, Ford, Van Buren, Jackson
Truman, Hoover, Martin, McKinley
Monroe, Leighton, Roosevelt, Harding
Taft, Jefferson, Nixon, Schwarzenegger
Pierce, Daniels, Cleveland, Washington
Bullard, Kennedy, Lincoln, Reagan
Eisenhower, Harris, Buchanan, Hayes

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