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Can you name the last names of these Harry Potter characters ?

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First NameLast NameOptions
FenrirGreyback, Weasley, Dumbledore, Crabbe
RonGranger, Malfoy, Wealsey, Thomas
LavenderPatil, Smith, Diggory, Brown
GeorgeWeasley, McLaggen, Jordan, Dippet
AlbusSnape, Johnson, Fletcher, Potter
VincentJones, Doge, Longbottom, Crabbe
BlaiseFlint, Abbott, Zabini, Krum
GellertRiddle, Skeeter, Hufflepuff, Grindelwald
RemusLupin, Black, Crabbe, Evans
TomDolohov, Lovegood, Riddle, Chang
First NameLast NameOptions
DeanFlamel, Figg, Moody, Thomas
LeeBagman, Jordan, Runcorn, Slytherin
PansyDavies, Karkaroff, Parkinson, Bullstrode
DoloresUmbridge, Yaxley, Dumbledore, Dippet
GregoryQuirrell, Goyle, Smith, Spinnet
DudleyLockhart, Carrow, Macmillan, Dursley
PiusThicknesse, Diggle, Bell, Prang
DracoCarrow, Vector, Malfoy, Jones
BobOgden, Gaunt, Hagrid, Lestrange
PadmaJohnson, Granger, Patil, Creevey

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