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Can you name the facts about Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (A-Z)?

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AFirst name of the protaganist of the series
BType of fish which translates foreign languages for the holder
CSmall, round robot, which is reprogrammed to always be happy
DSecond most intelligent species on Earth
EMassive supercomputer designed for and run by hyper-intelligent, pan-dimensional beings
FPerson who had 'hallucinations' about the Earth's destruction
GPart of the Wikkit Gate, also the Improbability Drive
HOriginal entry of the Earth in the guide
IName of the company that buys out the guide
JReal first name of 'Wonko the Sane'
KPlanet surrounded by a giant dust cloud
LPlanet where the protaganist is a 'sandwich maker'
MThe paranoid android
NDrinks dispenser created by Sirius Cybernetics Corporation
O'Bob' worshiper on the planet of Lamuella
PSurname of the researcher for the guide who was marooned on Earth for 15 years
QSurname of the entertainer at Milliways
R10th planet, beyond the orbit of Pluto
SOld man who designs fjords
TSurvivor of Earth's destruction, due to Zaphod Beeblebrox
UType of weapon Hactar is asked to design
VResponsible for the destrcution of Earth
WImmortal being who is immortal due to a mistake with an irrational particle accelerator, a pair of rubber bands and a liquid lunch
XPlanet where the humanoid majority are ruled by lizards
YFirst name of the former President of the Galaxy
ZEditor for guide, searching for the Ruler of the Universe

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