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QUIZ: Can you name the movies by the events happening in the next decade ?

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EventMovieYear it will happen
Alien contact2010
Viral outbreak2011
One human left in New York City2012
Drug overload2013
Japan's economy fails2014
World ends on Valentine's Day2016
Reality TV Show where criminals fight for survival2017
Skynet gets destroyed2018
Replicants replace humans2019
EventMovieYear it will happen
Lizards, monsters and aliens attack the world2020
Aliens refugees in South Africa2010
Jason Vorhees in cryogenic suspension2010
Earthquakes, tsunamis and plot holes ruin the world2012
US economy will collapse2012
Non-specific apocalypses2013
Cloning pets2015
Vampire plague2019
Human clones2019
Dragon Attack2020

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