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Can you name the correct spellings of these difficult words?

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A. Yastrzemski, B. Yastrzemiski C. Yastrizemski D. Yastrimeski
A. Talahasee B. Tallahasse C. Tallahassee D. Tallahasee
A. Reyjajavik B. Reykjavik C. Rekyajavik D. Reykjakvik
A. Kazakstan B. Kazzakhstan C. Kazakhstan D. Kaazakhstan
A. Gungzhou B. Guangzho C. Goohangzoo D. Guangzhou
A. Albuquerque B. Alberkerky C. Alberquerque D. Albuquerkey
A. Lechtenstien B. Liechtenstein C. Leichtenstein D. Leechtenzein
A. mirrh B. myrh C. mirh D. myrrh
A. Nikita Khrushchev B. Nikita Crushchev C. Nikita Khrooshchev D. Nikita Khrushchnev
A. Michaelangelo B. Michelangelo C. Michalangelo D. Michelangello
A. Ulanbaator B. Eulanbator C. Ulaanbaatar D. Ullaanbaatar
A. fluorine B. flourine C. flrournine D. fluorone
A. Cincinniati B. Cincinnatti C. Cincinatti D. Cincinnati
A. Hephestus B. Hephaestus C. Hepheastus D. Hephastus
A. Thimthu B. Fimpu C. Thimpoo D. Thimphu
A. Masachussetts B. Massachusets C. Massachusetts D. Masseachusetts
A. Comaneci B. Comeneci C. Conaneci D. Cumaneci
A. Brandais University B. Brandeis University C. Brandies University D. Brendeis University
A. Cute d'Ivoire B. Cote d'Ivoirre C. Côte d'Ivuire D. Côte d'Ivoire
A. Kygrystan B. Kyrgzstan C. Kyrgyzstan D. Kergizstan

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