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There were tons of worse movies this year. Maybe this is like comparing Saddam Hussein to Hitler, but [Film] isn't just the lesser of two evils, or three, or four. (Fred Topel)
An odd, idiosyncratic movie -- dark in look and dark in spirit -- that plays as a kind of pop culture investigation into the meaning of feminism... (Mick LaSalle)
Less about the dangers and pleasures of the unchained id than the giddy anarchy of the unbound imagination. (A.O. Scott)
A crafty satire, but with a swashbuckling soul. (Hal Hanson)
[Film] is one of the most honest satires of recent years. (Eric Henderson)
Okay, so I liked it. I'm one of five people on the planet. Sue me, all right? (Widgett Walls)
A film that is at times laughable yet at the same time, over 15 years after its release, its premise is still up for debate and discussion. (Sherry Lansing)
Director Frank Perry, who collaborated with three others (including producer Frank Yablans) on the script, gives it all a certain crazed conviction. (Jonathan Rosenbaum)
[Film] salutes creativity as the universal language of hope, renewal and community. (Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat)
...a monolithic action masterpiece that feels destined to be the biggest movie of all time. (Todd Gilchrist)

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