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Can you name the marmot species, based on their descriptions?

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This marmot lives in high alpine areas in Central Asia, is active about five months a year, and populations are declining.
This marmot lives in the steppes of southern Russia and Kazakhstan, resemble a prairie dog, and serve as a food source for Russians during times of famine.
Eastern Siberia and the Kamchatka peninsula are home to his marmot that are active three and a half months each year, and are one of the two marmot species found on cliff bands.
Mountains such as the Hindu Kush, Karakoram, and Tien Shen mountains house this marmot, and have a five-note call alarm, depending on the danger of the situation.
Not much is known about this marmot that can live in places as high as 5500 meteres in Nepal, parts of India, and parts of Tibet. This species is the largest of all marmot species.
This marmot lives in the Alps, Carpathians, Pyrenees, and Tatra mountains and also noted for their distinct descending whistle.
Not much is known about this marmot, except that they live in the Tien Shan mountains, litter sizes are small, and they are active for about four months a year.
Hunters wave a white yak-tail to get this marmot's attention, who lives in Mongolia, Manchuria, and Transbaikal.
Brooks Range is home to this marmot that is most closely related to the black-capped marmot, and will produce two alarm calls.
This marmot lives in the Cascade and northern Rock Mountains. This marmot's calls can be ascending, descending, or flat.
The US Rockies and the Sierra Nevada mountains are home to this most-studied marmot species.
This marmot is the least social of all marmots, but is widely known for predicting whether there will be spring or more winter on February 2nd.
This marmot lives in the Alpine areas of the Olympic Peninsula, and can only be found in Olympic National Park.
This critically endangered marmot is restricted to alpine meadows of Vancouver Island.

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