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Jenna QuestionJenna Answer
Jenna was educated on this kind of establishment.
Jenna was born with this name.
Lost her virginity to this soundtrack.
Her mother's name.
Has a destructive romantic relationship with this controversial celebrity.
Had a three way with this famous married couple.
As a baby, did a commercial or this product.
Tried to poison Kenneth with these in order to meet an attractive EMT.
Starred in this hard-to-pronounce film.
Jenna QuestionJenna Answer
Starred in the Broadway adaptation of this film, causing her to gain weight.
Plays an 'Overly Confident, Morbidly Obese' character with this name.
This song of her's reached number-one on Israel charts.
Used this asian-inspired diet to loose weight.
Met and became engaged to Paul L'Astnamé, who had this occupation.
'Jenna Maroney will be most remembered, for being ________'
Was the main star of this show before Tracy Jordan's arrival.
Is the former roommate and closest female friend of this woman.
Drank all of this on the set of 'Queen of Jordan'

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