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Place and TimeAnswer
A man's childhood memories of Waco, Texas in 1956
An upscale villa in 1980s Italy
The research facility of Bletchley Park, UK, World War II
Paris during three different time periods
An Irish-American enclave of New York City in the 1950s
Saratoga Springs, NY, Washington DC and a New Orleans plantation, 1841-1853
Hawaii, present day
A Parisian train station in 1931 and a curious toy shop inside it
A makeshift military base in Montana in an alternate present with unidentified aliens
A suburb of Boston and a Massachusetts town on Cape Anne, present day
Iran (primarily the American embassy) during a massive revolution, 1979
Starts in May, 1940 in London
The French Revolution
Moab, Utah, 2003
Various layers of the mind of an industrial heir while he's alseep
Two locations in Texas over a twelve year span
A rose-tinted view of Los Angeles, 1969
A future world in which people are heavily reliant on sentient A.I. helpers
A prestigious jazz conservatory, New York City
A German village approaching VE Day
Primarily Boston Globe offices (and field locations), early 2000s
Buckingham Palace and a therapist's office, 1925-1939
Primarily Hollywood, present day
Primarily, the underworld of Philadelphia from the 1950s to 1970s
Primarily Fort Smith, Arkansas, 1870s
A small hiilly Midwestern town, approximate present
The epicenter of the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama, 1965
A home in Pittsburgh, 1957
Brooklyn and Germany, 1957
Place and TimeAnswer
Untamed American West, 1820s
Flashbacks to 1960s Ireland with present-day US and England in 2002
An idyllic view of a Mexico City household in the 1970s
Primarly the White House, 1865
A chest filled with toys with speaking abilities
The Golden Age of Hollywood
A New York City ballet company
Miami's Liberty City neighborhood and Atlanta over a 20-year span
A 24-hour period in Le Mans, France, 1966
Iraq, 2003-2009
Harvard University and Silicon Valley approximately 2004 to 2009
A French coastal city in 1940 that was the site of a famous battle
A container ship in the Indian Ocean, 2009
Post-war London in all its glamour
A road trip from Montana to Nebraska, present day
Primarily Long Island, NY in the late 70s
The trenches of France during World War I
Alternating between a half-basement apartment and an upper class house in an unspecified South Korean city
CIA headquarters and the Middle East from 2001 to 2011
A small boat drifting through the Pacific Ocean, undefined era
A dystopic desert future where resources are scarce along the Australian Outback
Genteel New England society in the 1860s
Starts in Wyoming and then Washington D.C. ending around 2008.
A near abandoned planetary base, a space ship, mission control on Earth, 2035
Primarily, a plantation called Candyland in late 1850s Mississippi
Small-town West Texas, present day
A government lab in Baltimore during the Cold War
An imaginary Louisiana town isolated by being on the wrong side of the levee
Primarily the banking district of New York, 2006-2009
Place and TimeAnswer
The fictional Afro-futuristic kingdom of Wakanda
The Deep South, 1962
Initially the Univeristy of Cambridge, 1960s
A rural community in the Ozark mountains
Texas's second largest city during the outbreak of the AIDS crisis
The rock scene of London, 1971-1985
Sacramento, CA, 2002
Gotham City, beginning in a parallel 1980s
Madhya Pradesh, Indiana, the slums of Calcutta, and Australia 12 years later
From Devon, England in 1914 to the end of the war
The British halls of Power during the reign of the last Stuart monarch
A heightened version of primarily white suburbia
Los Angeles and the New York theater community, present-day
The fictional European Republic of Zubrowka between the two World Wars
Colorado Springs, 1978
An non-traditional family household in LA, present day
1960s Mississippi as seen through both housewives and their homes and the maids who work for them
A working-class neighborhood of Philadelphia, approximate present
The Washington Post newsroom in 1971
Originally an underground bunker housing two captives
The finance district of Manhattan and a wealthy Long Island estate, 1990s
Lowell, Massachussetts, 1996
A Broadway theater adjacent to Times Square
New York City, 2001
An apartment in Paris, approximate present
NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA at the height of the Space Race
A baseball team's front office in the early 2000s
Outer space in a future where NASA is in disarray
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