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HADanish author of children's stories
HAAuthor/Theorist formulated rags-to-riches myth
HAAfrican-American baseball player known as the home run King
HATrumpeter and frontmen for the Tijuana Brass
HBFormer NBA player for UCLA & NY Knicks, Coach at USC & 76ers, son almost made NBA finals with Sacramento
HBRadical French composer of Romantic period, performed concert w/1000s of musicians
HBEnglishman who invented method of manufacturing steel which bears his name
HBSwedish diplomat appointed UN Weapons Inspector for Iraq in 2002-2003
HBActor of classic filmdom from the African Queen and Maltese Falcon
HBPrimarily a singer, dubbed 'Calypso' sing, popularizing Caribbean music, sang 'Dayo'
HBBiracial actress (and model) known for X-Men, Monster's Ball, Catwoman
HBConservative governor of Mississippi during Katrina crisis and up to present
HBCoached the Gold-Medal 1980 Hockey Team: 'Miracle on Ice'
HCSecretary of State Obama's first term
HCHollywood mogul who founded Columbia Pictures
HCSportscaster, rose to prominence covering Muhammed Ali
HCOscar-nominated actress married to Tim Burton
HCFormer CEO of Godfather Pizza, ran for 2012 presidency
HCSpanish Conquistador. Created trouble for the Aztecs
HCBritish archeologist who discovered the tomb of King Tut
HCComposer of 'Georgia on My Mind'
HC18th Century English scientist who deduced the Earth has a metal core
HCControversial president of Venezuela since 1998
HCHighly influential early 19th cent. Kentucky Senator. Responsible for 'Great Compromise'
HD2004 presidential candidate from Vermont & head of Democratic Nat. Comm.
HD16th Spanish explorer who discovered the Mississippi River
HDDisney teen star (actress/singer) in early 2000's
HFOne of US history's greatest industralists, created Model T car
HFQuintessential good guy from American film (except 'How the West Was Won'). Daughter's also premiere actress
HFCarpenter-turned-actor who has appeared in several blockbusters, mostly under Lucas and Spielberg
HGBaseball player from '30s and '40s nicknamed 'Hebrew Hammer' and 'Hammering [first name]'. Hit 58 HRs in a season
HGActress from Boogie Nights, Austin Powers, & The Hangover
HGBritish actor known primarily for romantic comedies and a prostitute scandal in the 90's
HHFamous gossip columnist in Hollywood's Golden Age, notorious for holding grudges
HHOscar-winning actress also known from TV show 'Mad About You'
HHPresident of the U.S. at start of Great Depression
HHWon Oscar for Best Actress in 1994 for 'The Piano'
HHWealthy recluse, innovator in aviation and motion pictures
HHBritish explorer sailed under the Dutch flag, honored with a river
HHJazz pianist and composer. 'Chameleon' is a signature song of his.
HHActor of 'All the President's Men' and 'Into the Wild'
HHDirector, primarily in the 1930's and 40's. Films include 'Rio Bravo' & 'Bringing Up Baby'
HHGovernor of Minnesota, Vice President and presidential candidate of 1968
HHFounder of 'Playboy' Magazine, owner of famous mansion
HHMagician and escape artist
HHTwo-time Oscar-winning actress of 'Airport' and also from the 1930's
HI19th Century Norweigan playwright
HJAustralian actor known for 'X-Men' 'Prestige' and 'Australia'
HJFounded an American chain of resturaunts and motels
HKChancellor of Germany for 16 years who presided over unification of East & West Germany
HKComedic actor from 'Carol Burnett Show' and 'Blazing Saddles'
HKGerman-born U.S. Seceretary of State under Nixon and Ford. Noted political author
HKCohost of the Today Show's 4th hour with Kathy Lee Gifford
HKActor with distinctive baritone who starred in MGM musicals including 'Showboat' '7 Brides for 7 Brothers' 'Kismet'
HKBlind and deaf woman on Alabama's state quarter
HKAmerican actor of Broadway and film, broke out in the 70's in Scorsese's films, also in 'National Treasure'
HLSenate Majoriy Leader from Maine who battled Woodrow Wilson on Versailles, Grandson also a senator
HLActress best-known from 90's series 'Melrose Place'
HLBritish actor, star of 'House,' also costarred in a cult sketch comedy show
HL80's rockstar who's band name is '[His Name] & the news'
HLSilent film comedian whose films were more profitable than Charlie Chaplin. Famously hung off a clock.
HLColonial stateman and Virginia Revolutionary War Hero. Earned nickname for hosemanship
HLAuthor from Alabama. She wrote 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
HLPopulist governor of Louisiana, assassinated in state capitol in 1935
HLNew England poet wrote 'Midnight Ride of Paul Revere'
HLDeceased Australian actor of 'Monster's Ball' and 'Dark Knight'
HM16th Century English pirate, raided Spanish ships in Caribbean under British flag
HMWon first Oscar for African-American for 'Gone with the Wind'
HMJazz composer, wrote 'The Pink Panther' theme and scored other 60's films
HcMPolitical radical and statesman who introduced Communism to Vietnam
HMGrand dame of film acting, won Oscar 2006/2007 for playing QE2
HMFrench painter and sculptor. Born 1869
HM19th Century American writer of Moby Dick
HNBritish Admiral who led British fleet against Nepoleon in early 19th Century. Won Battle of Trafalgar but died in battle
HNCofounder of the Black Panthers convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 1968
HONBA player and Olympian from Univ. of Houston, won 2 NBA titles with Houston Rockets
HPLouisiana nun who became leading advocate against the death penalty, Susan Sarandon won Oscar playing her in 'Dead Man Walking'
HPCleveland-based recently deceased American comic writer, Paul Giamatti played him in a movie
HPUS Seceretary of Treasury under George W Bush, Banking CEO
HROne-armed actor who won Best Supporting Actor for 'Best Years of Our Lives' 1946/1947
HRCurrent US Senate Majority Leader from Nevada
HSEthiopian King from 1930-1974. Inspired Rastafianism and reggae
HSMexican-American congresswoman appointed to Seceretary of Labor under Obama
HS Saturday Night Live Castmember 1998-2006 of Chilean descent
HS Abolitionist. She wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin in 1852
HSFemale Co-anchor of ESPN's Sports Center
HSControversial radio shock jock
HSKey player and witness of the 21 game show scandal of the 1950's
HSEither one of two brothers who inherited the NY Yankees from father George in 2007
HTCelebrated abolitionist and former slave from Maryland, She rescued several slaves using Underground Railroad
HTBroadway and TV actress. Emmy-Nominated for 2 1/2 Men
HTLong-serving 90 yr. old member of White House Press Corps, Forced resignation in 2010 for Pro-Palestinian sendiments
HTPrimarily an author, also activist and philosopher (and leader of Transcedentialist movement in 19th century), lived on Walden Pond
HTJournalist, primarily for Rolling Stone Magazine, inserted himself into stories and invented 'Gonzo journalism'
HT33rd President of the US, Oversaw dropping of atomic bomb
HWBritish Prime Minister 1964-70, '74-'76, Subject of conspiracy theories
HWHollywood mogul who headed Miramax Studios with brother Bob. Known for aggressive Oscar campaigning
HWCountry Music Hall of Famer with 11 hit singles between 1948 and 1953
HWTV star who played Fonzie on 'Happy Days'
HZProlific scorewriter for Hollywood. He wrote music to Dark Knight, Inception, Rain Man

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