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LA7-Time Tour de France ex-champion and former head of the Livestrong Foundation.
LAJazz trumpeter with an airport in New Orleans that bears his name
LASinger from UK and British TV show host. Biggest hit in 2008: 'Smile'
LAAuthor who's most seminal book 'Little Woman' was based on her childhood experiences
LBPrimer of the Soviet Union 1964-1982
LBDirector of the New York Philharmonic best known for scores to Broadway musicals
LB1980s University of Maryland star who famously died from an overdose immediately after being drafter
LBStar from French Lick, Indiana, Indiana State U, an the Boston Celtics
LB19th Century Axe Murder from Massachusetts who was a media sensation in her day
LBActress from Hollywood's Golden Age. Wife and frequent co-star of Humphrey Bogart
LBMatriarch of a powerful Italian Rennisance family. Her family line included two future popes
LBTV actor and host of 'Reading Rainbow'
LBSinger for N'Sync who later tried to become a Russian cosmonaut
LBFirst lady of TV comedy. Her live birth was broadcasted all over the airwaves
LBJewish stand-up comic who was almost blacklisted from television and arrested several times for his vulgar content in the 1950's
LCSenator from Idaho caught in a bathroom airport sting in 2007
LCAuthor of 'Alice in Wonderland'
LCModern-day actress who broke out in 'Mean Girls' and earned an Emmy nom for 'Masters of Sex'
LCMovie star from 'On the Waterfront' '12 Angry Men' and 'In Like Flint'
LDAll-star centerfielder for the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies
LDFour-time Oscar nominated actor, most recently of 'Wolf of Wall Street'
LDOscar-nominated actress and HBO TV star whose parents are both also Oscar-nominated. Her grandfather was governer of Utah
LDAfrican-American director. His most famous film is 'Precious'
LDTV writer and actress of HBO hit series 'Girls'
LDWriter on 'Saturday Night Live' who went on to co-produce 'Seinfeld' and star in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
LDInherited power of Florence during the Rennaissance. Patron of Michaelangelo and Boticelli
LDStar of US's South Africa World Cup team and LA Galaxy player
LDGrand-slam winning US tennis player, currently pro tennis coach
LDOne of history's greatest scientists, inventors, military architects
LEViking explorer who established a settlement in 'Vinland' (or present-day Canada)
LECEO of Oracle
LFAcclaimed present-day actor who was confused with Samuel L Jackson on an episode of 'Extras.' Was in 'The Matrix'
LFOnly female character in the play 'Assassins' for her attempt to shoot President Ford
LFActivist responsible for the Million Man March
LGSouth Carolina Senator currently running for President.
LGTV Actress from 'The Gilmore Girls' and 'Parenthood'
LGNew York Yankee with a disease named after him
LGPop singer who's career highlight 'It's My Party' came out in 1963
LGSilent screen star who debuted in DW Griffith's films
LHAustralian Grand Slam-winning tennis player
LHBi-racial poet considered the father of the Harlem Rennaissance
LHActress best known for her role in the 'Terminator' series
LHHalf of a Broadway songwriting team with Richard Rogers
LHHe was the star of 'I Dream of Jeannie' and 'Dallas'
LHCurrent anchor of NBC's nightly news replacing Brian Williams
LHLithuanian-born and British-trained stage actor who starred in 'Manchurian Candidate'
LIExecutive in the Ford Motor Company and later CEO of Chrysler Corporation
LJNBA player from Akron Ohio who has played for Cleveland and Miami
LJAlaskan electrician who temporarily took the spotlight in the 2008 presidential race for relationship to Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol
LJTexas-born President of the United States
LJFirst lady originally named 'Claudia.' Her key initiative was the highway beautification bill
LKNews journalist and interviewer on CNN with a program that ran for 35 years
LKHalf-Jewish half-Bahaman singer-songwriter
LKScreenwriter of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' and director of 'Accidental Tourist'
LLGangster credited with creating structure of organized crime in the U.S. during prohibition
LLMember of TLC. Tragically killed in Honduras in 2002.
LLShe played Becky on 'Full House'
LLCurrent US Attorney General
LLActress who played FDR's cousin, Abigail Adams, and Alfred Kinsey's wife
LLSpectacled singer-songwriter whose popularity peaked in the 1990's with 'Stay' and 'I Do'
LLAsian-American actress of film and television
LMGovernor of New York and Vice President to Benjamin Harrison
LMBearded film critic well-known for appearances on 'Entertainment Tonight' and his continually updated book: '______'s Film and Video Guide'
LMArgentian soccer player who won the Golden Ball in 2014 World Cup
LMFilm studio mogul whose last name is one of the letters in MGM
LMFilm Director of Golden Age who won two Oscars for 'Going My Way' and 'The Awful Truth.' Also directed Duck Soup
LNOne of the seven original credited castmembers of SNL
LNIrish actor who is known for prolific output and his late-career transition to action films
LNPhotographer and actor primarily known for work on 'Star Trek'
LOChinese Tennis Star. First Asian to win a Grand Slam Singles Title
LONCAA Champion with UCLA's basketball team who recently sued the NCAA over video game profits
LOShot a president from the Dallas Book Depository
LOConsidered among the greatest actors of moviedom with filmic interpretations of Shakespeare including a blackface performance in 'Othello'
LPWorld-famous opera singer who was the Italian member of the 'Three Tenors'
LPActor who starred in Beverly Hills 90210 (the 90s version)
LPRenowned French chemist whose discoveries of principles behind vaccination and fermentation have saved many lives
LPActress who played 'The Chief' on 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego'
LPHead of the CIA who then became US Secretary of Defense during the Obama administration
LRControversial German filmmaker who made 'Triumph of the Wall' during the rise of the Third Reich
LRMember of Commodores who made his solo debut in 1982. Daughter was the c0-star of 'The Simple Life'
LROscar winner in 1936 and 1936 who quit acting. She's still alive and over 100
LRJazzy blues singer who has earned 11 Grammys and 2 American County of Music Awards. She sang 'Blue Bayou'
LSUruguayan Soccer Star who's been known to bite
LSGuitarist who pioneered the Southern rock genre with 'Freebird' and 'Sweet Home Alabama'
LSRailroad baron who's name lives on through his educational philanthropy in a California university he founded
LSGerman immigrant who patented jeans out of a dry goods store during the California Gold Rush
LS19th Century feminist icon. First woman from Massachusetts with a pHd
LTComic actress who has acted with Robert Altman, Dustin Hoffman, and Jane Fonda. Kennedy Awards recipient in 2014
LTRussian revolutionary instrumental in founding of the Soviet Union
LTRussian author of 'War and Peace'
LTActress from 'Back to the Future' and 'Howard the Duck'
LUIrish writer of the 'Exodous' and other classics
LVUS Olympic gold medal alpine skier. She's currently dating Tiger Woods.
LvBDeaf composer wrote nine symphonies. The fifth and ninth are most famous.
LWBond girl and actress of 'The Searchers', sister of famous film star
LWPrimarily comedic current-day actor. Member of the 'Frat Pack.'
LWBasketball player and NBA championship coach (who would eventually coach in 5 different cities) inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame three times
LXChinese hurdling star who won a Gold medal in Athens
LYBest actress winner in 1948 for 'The Farmer's Daughter'
LZAmerican Olympian and Prisoner of War whose story inspired a 2014 film directed by Angelina Jolie

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