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NANBA guard in 1970s and 80s with a nickname relating to size
NAFirst austronaut to walk on the moon
NAHomeless Julliard-trained cello & bass player featured in LA Times articles & film 'The Soloist'
NBFrench military leader who conquered Europe
NBDirector nominated for Oscar with debut 'District 9'
NBBritish songstress of 2006 hit song 'Unwritten'
NBDanish physicist and Nobel Prize winner in 1922 for theories on atomic structure.
NBVirginia colonist who led a rebellion that bears his name against Colonial Governor in 1676
NB19th century Gonzo journalist circumvented the globe to emulate 'Around the World in 80 Days'
NCProlific Oscar-winning actor parodied by Andy Samberg on SNL. Notable comic book reader (source of his last name). Avid home buyer.
NCRomanian gymnast shocked sporting world by scoring perfect 10 in 1976 Olympics
NCHighly decorated U.S. swimmer. She won 12 Olympic medals from 2004-2012
NCTony-award winning African-American actress with gospel background. Also starred in TV: 'Ryan's Hope' 'Give me a Break' 'Hanging with Mr. Cooper'
NCAcademic based at MIT. 'Father of Modern Linguistics' but also authored papers on politics and philosophy
NCFormer Prime minister of Great Britain. His appeasement policy led to initial expansion of 3rd Reich
NCActress of TV sitcoms including 'Happily Ever After' 'Nikki' and 'Las Vegas'
NCActor from 'Drumline,' husband of Mariah Carey, 'America's Got Talent' host
NCSinger from jazz age, sang 'Unforgettable' & dueted with daughter post-death
NC16th Century astronomer, seminal figure in Scientific Revolution with 'Heliocentric Theory'
NCVoice of Bart on 'The Simpsons.' Surprisingly, she's female.
NCSenator from Minnesota until 2006. Name often comes up on list of VP candidates
NCNoted British playwright and stage director
NCBritish supermodel. Dated Mike Tyson
NDNotable SNL castmember in late 80's. She is still active in TV and film today.
NDBritish media mogul & Gawker media empire founder
NDHighly revered singer/songwriter with decades-spanning career. Hits include 'Sweet Caroline' and 'Cherry Cherry'
NDActress from TV series 'Vampire Diaries'
NERecently deceased film writer/director mostly of romantic comedies. She wrote humorous autobiographies as well
NFProlific actress in 50's and 60's. Had key supporting roles in 'Spartacus' and 'American in Paris'
NFTV Actor most notable for 'Firefly' 'Dr. Horrible' and 'Castle.' Regular at sci-fi conventions
NFSinger/Songwriter. Her hits include 'Promiscuous' 'Say it Right' and 'I'm Like a Bird'
NFConfederate soldier and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.
NGChild actor. Plays one of the youngest characters on TV show 'Modern Family'
NGHighly popular baseball shortstop for Boston Red Sox for 10 years. Traded to Chicago in 2004 missing out on Red Sox World Series title
NGControversial media personality who does legal commentary. Her shows are on CNN and Court TV
NGSpeaker of the House during Clinton Administration who has has run for president several times including 2012
NGLead singer of Oasis
NGRevolutionary war general. Born in present-day Rhode Island. Fought in battle of Brandywine and Kings Mountain
NHHost of the Tonys and star of 'How I Met Your Mother'
NHAmerican Revolutionary War soldier famous for line ''I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.
NHBritish author of 'Fever Pitch,' 'About a Boy,' and 'Long Way Down.' He collaborated with musician Ben Folds on an album.
NHAuthor of the Scarlett Letter. Descendant of Puritans.
NHCurrent governor of South Carolina. She is of Indian descent and the Republican party.
NISinger, also acted in film 'Jonny English.' Most famous single: 'Torn'
NJSinger/songwriter with jazz stylings. She broke out in 2002 with 'Don't Know Why.' Daughter of famed Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar
NJDirector of socially-conscious films. He made 'Moonstruck', 'Hurricane', and 'In the Heat of the Night'
NJIrish director and screenwriter of 'The Crying Game', 'End of the Affair', 'Breakfast on Pluto'
NKOlympic Figure Skater victimized by a hit job by rival Tanya Harding. Her Silver-medal winning performance in 1994 set record TV ratings
NKProminent Australian actress well-known since 'Far and Away' and 'Days of Thunder' in 1990s
NKPresident of Argentina 2003-2007. Arguably rescued country from inflation crisis
NKPrimer of the Soviet Union in the 1960's, Famous for a shoe-banging incident
NLFormerly in boy band 98 degrees, he starred in reality TV shows: Participant in 'Newlyweds,' Competitor in 'The Choir' and host of 'The Sing Off'
NLHockey player for Swedish national team and Detroit Red Wings. Nickname: 'Mr. Perfect'
NLTony-winning Broadway star. He's appeared in films.
NMCurrent President of Venezuela
NMSeminal non-fiction author and Pullitzer-prize winning author (for 'The Executioner's Song) and co-founder of the village voice
NMLead singer for the Dixie Chicks, engulfed in controversy with conversative-leaning radio statios when she expressed shame for her president in 2003
NMFemale Latina news anchor on Today & NBC News.
NM16th-century Italian political theorist wrote staples of many a poly sci course 'The Prince' and 'Discourses.' (last name acceptable)
NMFemale singer-songwriter most popular in 90's, as lead singer of '1000 Maniacs' then in her solo career
NMSeceretary of Transp. & Commerce, notable activist for Japanese-American internment victims, namesake of San Jose airport
NMFrench tennis player. His match against Jonny Isner at Wimbledon 2010 was longest in Grand Slam history.
NMSouth African head-of-state and political visionary in the post-Apartheid Era. Time Man of the Year.
NMFemale rapper and R&B artist newly popular in the 2010's. Recently selected as American Idol judge
NNSeptugenarian actor who was most popular in the 1990's with films 'Cape Fear' 'Lorenzo's Oil' & 'The Prince of Tides.' Well-known for drug use
NNAfrican-American actress who played Uhura on Star Trek. Had TV's first interracial kiss with William Shatner
NPEarly-19th century Italian classical musician. His violin playing made him the father of the musical virtuoso: Musician who could raise to fame through supreme playing ability (last name acceptable)
NPHot-tempered Russian tennis player. She is currently ranked 12th in the world, but hasn't won a Grand Slam in her 10-year career to date
NPHailing from Baltimore, this California congresswoman has been Speaker of the House twice since 2006
NPIsraeli-born Harvard-educated actress who won an Oscar for 'Black Swan'
NPSaturday Night Live's first Iranian-American castmember (last name acceptable)
NRActress from Hollywood royalty (her mom is a Redgrave, father is a famous director) who starred on stage and in 'The Parent Trap'
NRBest-selling romance novelist. She has written over 200 books to date.
NRGovernor of New York and Vice president to Gerald Ford. Died while having sex with seceretary
NRNCAA Hall of Fame basketball coach who won the title in 1994 with Arkansas Razorbacks
NR1st lady to the US President from 1981-1989
NRFamed baseball pitcher in the 1990's
NRRussian classical/romantic composer behind 'Pictures at an Exhibition.'
NRUp-and-coming actress who was the heroine in Ridley Scott's 'Alien' sequel, 'Prometheus' (last name acceptable)
NRReality TV star of 'The Simple Life.' Daughter of a famous R & B singer. Friend of Paris Hilton
NRMagazine cover artist famous for iconic images of Americana
NSNoted American author of novels including 'The Notebook' and 'Message in a Bottle'
NSControversial woman who went through the media cycle after birthing octuplets and being termed 'The octomom' in 2009 (Last name acceptable)
NSComedic actress from the early seasons of 'Mad TV.' Also in 'King of Queens' and 'Cougar Town'
NSActress who starred in 'Desperate Housewives'
NSSongwriter and singer from The Pussycat Dolls. She also has served as judge for 'Sing Off' and 'X-Factor'
NSPresident of France who recently finished a term
NSNoted playwright whose works include 'Brighton Beach' 'California Suite' and 'Odd Couple'
NSStatistician who predicted the popular vote of the 2012 presidential election within one percentage point
NSTop US General from the first Gulf War during George HW Bush administration
NSActress from Golden Age of Hollywood who's career was at its height in 1930's. Won an Oscar for 'The Divorcee.' Canadian-American.
NTNFL Coach for Redskins, Raiders and Chargers. Was also offensive coordinator for Super Bowl-winning Dallas Cowboys '92 & '93
NTVirginia slave who orchestrated a slave rebellion with the highest casualty count to date in 1831
NTDirector of NYC's Hayden Planetarium. One of world's most visible and popular scientists
NTInventor who initially worked under Thomas Edison's lab and invented electrical coil which bears his name
NVMade a splash on the movie landscape of 2002 with 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'
NWAustralian actress who starred in 'Mullholland Drive' 'The Ring' and '21 Grams'
NWGlamorous Hollywood star of 'West Side Story' and 'The Great Race.' Tragically died on a boating excursion
NWLexicographer & father of Modern American Dictionary. According to wikipedia, he knew 26 languages
NYCanadian rocker/songwriter. Went solo in 1968

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