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A2007 Justin Timberlake movie '____ Dog'
B1997-2004 Cartoon Network TV show 'Johnny ___' / Voiced bilabial plosive
CRoald Dahl novel '_____ & the Chocolate Factory
DA major American airline '_____ Airlines'
E2007 Foo Fighters album '____es, Silence, Patience & Grace'
FRoald Dahl novel 'Fantastic Mr. ____'
GSport with 18 holes.
HGet one of these on Boardwalk, you're pretty much guaranteed to win the game.
ISouth Asian country.
J'Romeo & _____'
KPrefix meaing 'one thousand'
LNobody likes eating these - '____ beans'
M2002 Bow Wow film 'Like ____'
NOnly month that starts with this letter.
OLeonardo Dicaprio doesn't have one of these.
P'60s folk rock group 'The Mamas & the _____s'
QA province of Canada
R'_____ & Juliet'
SSpanish for 'Mountain Range'
TPopular saying 'It takes two to ____'
UType of clothing worn by members of an organization, team, etc.
VA man's name -or- another word for champion.
WA distilled alcholic beverage
XThe unofficial head of the boys of D Tent in the novel Holes
YIf you're from the United States you're considered a '____' -or- Famous baseball team 'The New York ______s'
ZA song off the Blink-182 EP 'They Came to Conquer Uranus'

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