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What is the name of Angela's second boyfriend?
Which of Angela's new children goes to the restaurant with the Brockman's?
Where is Karen's 'Special Bowl' from?
What food do the Brockman's order in when Angela visits after breaking up with Trent?
What nickname does Frank (Grandad) come up with for his retirement home?
What instrument did Karen play in her school concert?
Where is Jakes exchange student from, that he didn't mention to his parents?
Name a y of Pete's 'Big three no-nos' for Ben? (Ben and...., Ben and,
Which book does Ben do for charades?
What is the name of Sue's friend Jane's daughter?
Who plays the character Angela?
Which game did Ben compete in a tournament for?
Wy does Karen leave home?
When Sue and Pete go out for a meal, the babysitter is from which country?
What bird got stuck in the kitchen, while a couple came to look around their house?
What is the name of the Laborador the Brockman's look after?
Which of Karen's friends does Sue and Pete dislike?
What is the name of Ben's form tutor?
Who downloaded the inappropriate image onto the computer?
Who's funeral do the family attend?

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