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Tx for opiate induced constipation w/o opiate and Etoh withdrawal that comes with analog
Tx for traveler's diarrhea
Tx for ulcerative colitis;sulfa drug
Tx for opiate induced constipation does not cross BBB
antibacteria and activates motilin
How is bethanechol given to avoid cardiopulmonary complications
laxative that increases bulk and water content; Tx for anorectal problems, hernia, constipation
type of laxative that increase intracellular cAMP and tight junction leakiness that stimulate water and electrolyte secretion
Activates the Cl channel CIC2 to increase Chloride secretion; last resort Tx for constipation
Tx for Irritable Bowl in women w/diarrhea; inhibits 5HT3 and spinal/vagal afferents
Opens CFTR by increasing cGMP; Tx for constipation and IBS w/ constipation
Tx for post operative ileus
Tx for chronic constipation and UGI motility disorders; crosses BBB (+)5HT4R and (-)D2R
Type of laxative that increases stool frequency by osmotic action very quickly; often used prior to radiology or endoscopy
DOC class for acute Ulcerative colitis and prevention of remission
Tx for mild/moderate Crohn's disease in ileum or ascending colon
Blocks opiod receptors centrally and peripherally
Tx for acute diarrhea; decreases inflammation binds to bacterial toxins
Tx for acute diarrhea; binding to bacterial toxins and protects irritated mucosa
Tx for gastric emptying and increases LES tone; (-)D2R and doesn't cross BBB
Tx for irritable bowel syndrome, decreases propulsive motility, selective opiate receptor agonist
TNF inhibitor monoclonal antibody used as a Tx for various rheumatolgical disease and Crohn's disease and refractory UC
erythromycin analogs that are not antibacterial
Immunosuppressants for moderate Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis
Decreases propulsive motility, does not pass BBB, 5HT agonist
Tx for opiate induced constipation and (short term)postoperative ileus; (-)MOR

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