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Side effects:Gynecomastia, breast pain
Side effects:ROS, Skin and Lung toxicity
Treatment for Non-hodgkin lymphoma
An iron chelator that treats anthracycline side effects but my also disinhibit tumors
Side effects:GI toxicity & myelosupression
Topoisomerase II poison
Makes tumors more immunogenic or alters there reactions with other cells by acting on the co-repressor receptor RAR-alpha
Side effects: ROS, Cardiac Toxicity, damage to host TOP2B
An adverse affect brought on by a mechanism of action intended to treat
Block Mitosis by inhibiting MT polymerization
Class of drug that intercalates in DNA chain and blocs Topoisomerase II
B cell suppressor that also stop reacting to vaccines
Blocks HER2/neu in breast cancer
TKIs are substrates for what clearance enzyme
TKI that can cause pleural or pericardial edema
What enzyme does Azacitidine and Cecitabine inhibit for 3/4 replication cycles
Treatment for chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML)
Binds to GC rich DNA using iron
ER antagonist in breasts, but partial agonist everywhere else
G1 enzyme that Asparagine which is essential in some tumors but not in humans
Irinotecan is induced/inhibited by what hepatic clearance phase
Topoisomerase I poison
Similar MOA to anthracyclines produces NO2 instead of ROS
Camptothecin that acts as reversible AchE inhibitor
Side effects: Early and delayed onset diarrhea
Drug-drug interactions with vinca alkyloids can lead to?
Who will have the most benefit from Tamoxifen and Aromatase Inhibitors
Block Mitosis by inhibiting MT depolymerization
What type of agonist is used to treat Prostate cancer but causes an initial LH/FSH

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