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Hydration and what drug PREVENT acrolein build up?
Which is the more liphophilic of these triazenes darbazine or temozolamide
What type of genetic polymorphism also leads to an overproduction of 6-MP?
Is a prodrug for 5-fluorouracil
At what phase do alkylating agents stop cancer
What drug blocks Xanthine Oxidase and can induce bone marrow suppresion via 6-MP toxicicty
Blocks dihydrofolate reductase
At what phase do Vinca alkaloids, Podophyllotoxins '-posides', anthracyclines '-rubicins'
What antimetabolite inhibits ribonucleotide reductase to treat sickle cell anemia
Cytarabine and Gemcitabine block what enzyme?
Activates p53 to treat colon cancer
Prodrug mustards that yield acroleins, a bladder toxin?
Standard treatment for MTX
Are Cytarabine and 5-FU dose dependent or schedule dependent?
At what phase does L-Asparaginase work?
Inhibits proteosome to treat myeloma
What type of alkylating agent depurinates cancer cells by adduct formation
MAOI disinhibits teramines
Blocks thymidylate synthase
A mutant drug derived from alkylating agents and antimetabolites
What kind of complexes do Cisplatin, Carbopatin, and Oxaliplatin make when attached to DNA
Chloracetaldehyde, a neurotoxin, is a byproduct of ifosamide is treated by what
What structure stabalizes mustards
What drugs activate organic isocyanates to maintain DNA repair and avoid brain cancer (lipophilic)
Side effects: Neutropenia,thrombocytopenia, anemia, alopecia, GI and gonad disruption
What class of alkylating agent methylates DNA?
6-MP & 6-thioguanine (purine antagonists) block what enzyme for purine recycling
At what phase to antimetabolites stop the cell cycle
It's efficacy is improved by folinic acid
Unique side effect of MTX

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