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Select for fastidious bacteria within a large flora
H2S presence
Selects against enterics and G- using antibiotics
Gas presence
non-fermenter of all 3 sugars
Detects lactose fermentation, H2S production, inhibits non-enterics; Lac ferms: yellow/salmon, nonferms: colorless, H2S: black
No RBC lysis
ferments glucose + lactose and/or sucrose
Partial RBC lysis
Detects glucose, lactose, sucrose fermentation; gas and H2S production
Differentiates lactose fermenters from non-fermenters/ Lac ferms: blue/black and nonferms: colorless/light purple
Cultivation of fastidious bacteria like Neisseria and Haemophilus
α: partial clearing, green or brownish ring; β: wide zone of clearing; γ: non-hemolytic
Complete RBC lysis
ferments glucose only
Contains bile salts and crystal violet which selects for gram-negative enterics, differentiates lactose-fermenters from non-fermenters/ red for lactose ferms and white for nonferms
Selects for Staphylococci, which grow at high salt concentrations
Cultivation of non-fastidious bacteria; growth indicates presence

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