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Can you name the Terraria Potions by Effects?

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Increases magic damage by 20%
Allows you to walk on water
Increases Arrow Speed and Damage by 20%
Health regenerates faster
Attackers also take damage
Breathe water instead of air
Gives 50 Mana
Reveals Enemy Locations
Gives 100 Mana and HP
Increase night vision
Slows falling speed
Increases defense by 8
Mana regenerates faster
Heals for 50 HP
Makes you lava-proof!
Shows the location of ores and treasures
Gives 100 Mana
Turns you invisible
Makes you emit light
Heals for 100 HP
Increases Enemy Spawn Rate
Allows you to change gravity
Increases movement speed by 25%
Gives 50 Mana and HP

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