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Can you name the movie franchises by description?

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Dinosaurs come back to life3 movies
A killer lurking around with a phantom mask4 movies
A demented boy stabbing people with a fork10 movies
A killer doll attacks children5 movies
A boy-wizard's adventure at a magical school8 movies
People evade death, and then die one by one5 movies
Futuristic soldiers battle giant insects3 movies
A spy with hi-tech gadgets saves the day23 movies
'secret agent' kids save the day4 movies
A family gets picked on by a devil4 movies
'____' man (chemical symbol=Fe)2 movies (3rd releasing on April 25th)
Strangers complete gory challenges7 movies
Animated story of a group of animals known as the 'Circle of Life'3 movies
An adventurous archaeologist 4 movies
Comedy spoofs about horror movies 5 movies
Slapstick movies, with no reference to each other29 movies (and 2 unoffical ones)
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...6 movies (and 1 unofficial one in China)
The Caped Crusader 9 movies
Autobots, transform!3 movies
Movies based on a single ring4 movies
Alien-fighting duo with hi-tech stuff3 movies
Movie about the adventures of a lion, zebra, giraffe and a hippo in an island3 movies
Movies about a gang of pirates in tropical Africa4 movies
Movie about a vampire and a werewolf loving a girl in a town called Forks5 movies
Movie abour the Umbrella Corporation and a survivor named Alice5 movies
Comedy movie about three friends and their strange mishaps2 movies (3rd releasing on May 24th 2013)
Superhero movie, involving characters such as the Human Torch and The Thing2 movies
If you say his name three times, he comes to kill you, in a fairly gruesome manner...2 movies
Movie about a panda who ends up being the 'dragon warrior'2 movies
Movie about a night watchman being in a museum where all the exhibits come to life at night2 movies
Movie about the waging war between aliens, predators, and, humans (sort of!)2 movies
Movie about a family known as the Klumps2 movies
Movies about four women having a good time in New York2 movies
Movies about a group of prehistoric, carnivorous fish set loose in resort locations3 movies
Movies about Freddy Kruger, and how he haunts people in their dreams9 movies
Movies about cute little creatures, but turn monstrous after contact with water2 movies
Comedy movies about a family which consist of 12 children and their parents2 movies
Movies about a group of people in a jungle being terrorized by a constricting snake2 movies
Movies showing the struggle between Lycans and Vampires.4 movies
Movies about a green ogre, a talking donkey and their fairytale land4 movies
Movies about a mammoth, a sabre-tooth tiger and sloth in the Arctic region4 movies
Movies about singing chipmunks, who later pair up with the 'Chipettes'3 movies
Movies about talking showbiz puppets, led by Kermit the Frog6 movies
Movies about the hunt for a jewel thief carried out by the stupid Inspector Clouseau10 movies
Movies about massacres being carried out in Texas by a villan naimed Leatherface 6 movies
Movies regarding a superhero who can eject webs from his hand4 movies
Movies about an archaeologist(Tom Hanks) who tries to solve religious conspiracies and terrorist threats (Based on novels by Dan Brown)2 movies
Spy movies regarding Ethan Hunt(Tom Cruise) and how he and the IMF foil terrorist plots4 movies
Movies about a group of friends involved in an accident,however, they are getting followed by a killer...2 movies (and 1 unofficial one)
They had the time of their lives... (sorry for the cheesy hint!)2 movies
Movies about dance-offs and relationships happening within groups- dance group Flawless has made a guest appearance in one of the movie4 movies
Movies starring Sigourney Weaver as the main actress, who battles extra-terrestrial creatures7 movies
Movies that casts Mickey Mouse as the main role, who is well remembered to be shown in a wizard's costume3 movies
Movies about a couple who adopts an orphan boy, but little do they no that he is the Anti-Christ3 movies

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