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Can you name the missing words in these Blur lyrics?

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Forced Order
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LyricMissing wordsSong
She's so high / She's so high / I want to _____ ___ ____ ___She's So High
Sitting in an S.D.T. / Waiting for an _________ ______ / To rumble underneath my feetBang
There's no other way, there's no other way / All that you can do is _____ ____ ____There's No Other Way
Jim stops and gets out of the car / Goes to his house in _________ ____For Tomorrow
____ __________ are great!Advert
Now she's eating chocolate __ ______ _____ / In a chemical world, it's very, very, very cheapChemical World
(Tracy Jacks) Got on the _____ _____ __ ______ / (Tracy Jacks) And stood on the seafrontTracy Jacks
And I might as well just ____ ___ ____ __ / 'Cause it's not worth the trouble of the argumentBadhead
Outside in Vega, Capella / Hadar, Rigel, ________ ____Far Out
____ _ _______ on a holiday / Took a cab to the shopping mallsMagic America
Yes, the stereotypes / _____ ___ __ ____ to lifeStereotypes
Educated the expensive way / He knows ___ ______ ____ ___ __________Charmless Man
Then Ernold Same got on the same train / At the same station, sat in the same seat / ____ ___ ____ _____ _____Ernold Same
LyricMissing wordsSong
Dan Abnormal, ___ ______ __ ___ / It's not his fault, we made him this wayDan Abnormal
And when she ____ __ ____ ___ / She turns me on and all my violence is goneBeetlebum
Holy man tiptoed his way _____ ___ ______ / The sound of magic music in his earsOn Your Own
_____ _____ and surprise, so am IYou're So Great
Tender is the ghost / The ghost _ ____ ___ ____ / Hiding from the sun / Just waiting for the night to comeTender
Sociability is hard enough for me / Take me away from this big, bad world, and agree to _____ __Coffee & TV
I don't want to see you 'cause I know ___ _____ ____ ___ ____No Distance Left to Run
And you've been __ ____ ______ that you haven't had the time / To open up your mindOut of Time
Jets are like ______ __ ______Jets
___ _ ____ ____ over anything / Get it stuck there in your headBattery in Your Leg
Passed the pound shop, Woolworth's / Under bridge, where the ______ ____ ___ _______ / And the Westway flies byFool's Day
And the joy of people spirited away so merrily / It's part of every little thing ____ _______ _____ ___The Puritan

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