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Can you name the missing words in these Blur lyrics?

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LyricMissing WordSong
If the child in your head / If the _____ ___ ____ / Sing to meSing
Sorry but I'm not ______ _________ / I've got my mind on something elseFool
And everyone one is a clever clone / A _____ _______ _____ am IPopscene
And here is to Dobbin and to his right eye / Pray God send our master a good ________ ___The Wassailing Song
Colin Zeal knows the value of ____ ______ / He's a pedestrian walker, he's a civil talkerColin Zeal
Air-cushioned soles / I bought them __ ___ __________ ____ / On a SaturdayBlue Jeans
Sunday, Sunday, here again, in tidy attire / You read the ______ __________, the TV guideSunday Sunday
The time has come not to be cautious / You must be careful not to make mistakes / ___ _____ ____ ____ / In twenty-four.Threadneedle Street
Good morning TV / You're _______ __ ______End of a Century
Hit traffic on the Dogger Bank / Up the Thames to ____ _ ____ ____This is a Low
A malady has taken him over / ________ ___ in his Japanese motorLondon Loves
Ciao ciao bella, Monaco / Bon voyage in ______People in Europe
Columbia is in top gear / It shouldn't snow ____ ____ __ ____He Thought of Cars
LyricMissing WordSong
Every paper that you read / Says tomorrow's your lucky day / Well here's ____ ____ ___The Universal
All we want is to be happy / In our homes, ____ _____ _________It Could be You
Put a new shirt on, wash my face in beer / ____ _______ ___ _____ and disappearAll Your Life
VIP 223 / I had my chances / And ____ ___ __Country Sad Ballad Man
All I want to be / Is washed out by the sea / __ _____ ____ over meStrange News from Another Star
The death of the party / ____ __ __ _________Death of a Party
Can't sleep at night, the world's growing old / Lost my girl to ___ _______ ______Trailerpark
_____ ____ ________ / An agreement of your bombast1992
I am an ex-offender / They ___ __ ____ in the summerBugman
And I, I just want to be / Darling, with you / The music's made that way / __ ____ __ ____, there's nothing I can doOn the Way to the Club
What am I to do / Someone here is _____ ___ _____Sweet Song
___ __ _____ _______ / Putting adverts in my dreamsUnder the Westway

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