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This Black was disowned for marrying a muggle, Ted Tonks.
Wife of Lucius Malfoy (née Black)
Who/What kills R.A.B?
Sirius Black's nickname while at Hogwarts
Which Black is a former Hogwarts headmaster?
'Mother didn't have a _______, she kept herself alive out of pure spite' - referring to Mrs. Black
What color are the robes that attempt to strangle Ron?
Though related to the Blacks, what family does not appear on the tapestry as they are considered 'blood traitors'
During the cleanup of the house, which item bit Sirius's hand? (contains wartcap powder)
Which member of the Black family attempted to pass a law making muggle hunting legal?
Address of the Black family home
How long the tapestry been in the Black family?
Current Black family house elf
Murderer/Notable Death Eater/Azkaban escapee
What words appear above the motto on the Black family tapestry?
Disillusioned former Death Eater, notably stole Slytherin's Locket from the seaside cave
This object shoots heavy bolts at passersby.
What is the Black family motto (French)?
Which relative of the Black is a metamorphmagus?
Mrs. Black's portrait and Sirius's muggle photos are fixed to the walls using what spell?
Which relative left Sirius money upon his death?
Which book does Sirius use to smash the eerie silver 'tweezers'?
Which Black family member began the tradition of house-elf beheading?

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