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How many people in the world are estimated to have an eating disorder?
Statistically, how many of those with an eating disorder will recover fully
What percent of eating disorder victims are men?
True or false: eating disorders have a higher mortality rate than any other mental illness.
Which major fashion designer/label fired a model who was 5'10', 109 pounds and a size 4 for being too fat?
What is the BMI requirement for a diagnosis of anorexia?
True or false: America invented size zero.
What is the weight for a woman at which death is considered medically unavoidable?
The lead singer of what all-male band famously battled anorexia?
True or false: everyone who's skinny has an eating disorder.
True or false: everyone who has an eating disorder is skinny.
Eating disorders can be considered a form of what other mental disorder?
True or false: eating disorders can be deadly.
Does one need to be underweight to die from an eating disorder?
What is the name of the eating disorder which causes one to eat ash, chalk or other non-edible items?
True or false: someone can be diagnosed with both anorexia and bulimia.
What is the youngest documented age, in years, of a known eating disorder patient?
True or false: eating disorders are about dieting and being thin.
True or false: eating disorders are more prevalent than Alzheimer's.
What percent of those suffering from eating disorders will eventually die from them?

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