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PlotShowAir dates
Follows two lifelong best friends through eighth grade1997-1999
Follows a boy who plays a secret agent in a show-within-a-show1998-2001
A reality series about kids at a summer camp1998-2001
Children's game show based on a popular game1998-1999
A girl encounters a new supernatural phenomenon every week1999-2001
Intended to get viewers to be active, this show featured games kids made up for other kids1999
Based on The Monday Night Football Club books, a group of friends discover a magic shirt that can put them in the bodies of sports stars1999-2003
Follows a perfectionist sister and a goofy brother2000-2003
Inspired by real-life high schoolers who are part of EMT squads2000-2001
Reality series about Circus Smirkus, a company that gives kids a chance to 'run away and join the circus'2000
Follows a tween girl, occasionally cutting to a cartoon of what's going on in her head2001-2004
Animated series about an upper-middle class African American family2001-2005
Documentary about a girls' basketball team2001
Animated series about a teenage girl who fights crime2002-2007
PlotShowAir dates
Reality series about students at a music academy2002
Follows a teenage girl who can see the future2003-2007
Based on a popular animated Disney movie about an alien2003-2006
Approximately five-minute show that played when Disney had extra time to fill2003-2006
Animated series that takes place in the Middle Ages2004-2005
Sitcom about a time-traveling family stuck in the present day2004-2006
Animated series about a snobbish dog and a hyperactive rabbit stuck in the Amazon rainforest together2004-2006
Animated series about a boy who can turn into a dragon2005-2007
Follows twin boys living in a hotel2005-2008
Animated series about a fly who wants to be a rockstar2005-2006
Based on a popular animated Disney movie2006-2008
Follows two siblings who can get new parents at any time2006-2009
Spinoff in which a character from another show moves to Washington, D.C.2007-2008

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