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Canadian HintWho/What/Where
This is the year that the NHL was formed with its 4 original teams
This is Canada’s only official bilingually speaking province
Created in 1985, this game is played with teams with players trying to identify specific words from their teammates' drawings.
This former Prime Minister's face is on the five-dollar bill
Warning: His offbeat characters might make you raaaaandy
This is the country's sole MLB Team
This is the captial of Nova Scotia
From July 1923-1947, the federal government passed legislation suspending the immigration of people from this country
This prestigious college is Canada's oldest around located in Nova Scotia
This is the highest military decoration for gallantry in the Commonwealth
Intended to dramatically increase image resolution, Robert Kerr and 2 others helped create this motion picture film format in 1968
This physical education professor and YMCA instructor is the founder of Basketball
Arthur Sicard is the reason you're able to get out of your driveway on some days with this invention
Canadian HintWho/What/Where
'The Great One' is the nickname of this great hockey player
This city is Canada's 2nd most populated area
This place (or year) is where Canada had their most successful Summer Olympics with 44 medals
These fowl-mouthed cartoon characters are the show within the show of South Park
Members of the Senate serve until they are of this age
Be 'Glad' that Harry Wasyluk and Larry Hanson invented this household item in the 1950s that is truly a raccoon's best friend
Sports use this invention by George Retzlaff to take a closer look at things
Said to be the female counterpart to Neil Young, this singer/songwriter has had a profound influence on artists in genres ranging from R&B to alternative rock to jazz
This invention's method is to 'Plunge and Push', the secret technology designed to maximize a female's assets
Liberty Mutual and Wilford Brimley are gratetful for this treatment that has helped millions
The drummer of Rush, he is one of rock's greatest drummers
'Mr. Watson, come here, I need you' are the famous words transmitted in 1876 by this groundbreaking inventor

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